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This week is going to be a paws-itively amazing time with our furry friends! Basil Farm is bringing a whole bunch of furry cuteness to our holiday club. We’ll also head to Pets at Home to treat the bunnies and guinea pigs to some snacks. Picnics in the park will involve spotting bunnies, squirrels, and birds through our binoculars. Get ready to create rabbit art with funky shapes, learn about chicken life cycles, and even rock some dazzling animal glitter tattoos. And of course, Rugby Tots will swing by for some lively fun, along with a bunch of other exciting physical activities. Let the furry frenzy begin! See below for what we have in store each day.

Monday 5 August

We will start this week of super cuteness making animal pom poms and enjoying a sensory activity with rice, pasta and safari animals. We will take some time out at the local park and playground to expend some energy with friends and in the afternoon we will have a masterclass in learning how to draw a guinea pig, followed by group time sharing stories about the animals we have at home. We will make rice cake animals and a game of animal charades.

Tuesday 6 August

We are heading out to meet some adorable furry friends at Pets at Home, where we will feed the rabbits and guinea pigs. We will enjoy a picnic in the park and play some group games. Our creative skills will be put to good use designing rabbits using different shapes and making fish in a bowl craft, and we will play some games together such as ‘Can you remember the animal’ and the ‘Honey Bear’ game.

Wednesday 7th August

More furry cuteness today as Basil Farm visit us with a wide range of farm animals for us to pat and learn about. We will make animal masks and animal paintings today, plus for lunch we will make our own animal fruit and faces on bread using sandwich fillers. We will finish up learning about the life cycle of a chicken through a fun art activity.

Thursday 8 August

We will cool off at the start of the day with a snow dough messy play with snow animals. We will have a beauty bar with nail varnish and animal glitter tattoos to add a touch of sparkle to our summer days. We will play a wide selection of games including Animal Hangman, Guess the Animal drawing game, and Down in the Jungle where nobody goes game. We will make the coolest animal pencil toppers and edible puff pastry dog treats for our furry friends.

Friday 9 August

The national rugby programme ‘Rugby Tots’ will visit today with a programme packed with fun activities that will develop your child’s social and physical skills in a positive environment. On top of this, we will cool down wallowing in a muddy tuff tray with farm animals, we will craft animal paintings and animals from junk, and make animal shortbread. We will play some traditional games like ‘Pin the Tail on the animal’ and we will enjoy time at the local playground and a game of musical animal statues.

Each day, children can take part in a variety of sport and physical activities like basketball, football, skipping, bouldering and bench ball, as well as enjoy a variety of free-time activities including board games, colouring in, Lego competitions, group games, and a wide selection of arts and crafts materials to choose from. 

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