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wild about outdoor education

At Wise Owls, we know you want the best for your child. A place where your child is celebrated and recognised for their uniqueness.

A safe space to play, explore and grow. A place where they laugh out loud every day.

Wise Owls is just the place.

At Wise Owls, we encourage curiosity, wonder and fun and we believe that children learn best through play. We promise to immerse your child in the outdoors, play games, read book, sing-along to music and experiment with art and sensory play so that they experience a sense of awe and wonder every day, fall in love with learning and enjoy being with their friends in a safe, fun and nurturing ‘home away from home’.

We would like to say a massive thank you to the Wise Owls team, both office and the staff on the ground at the breakfast and after school clubs and holiday clubs. You have been absolutely brilliant, from making our little girl starting school feel included and confident, to providing consistently brilliant childcare throughout the past 6 years, including through the pandemic. Right from the start, she always felt happy, safe and had lots of fun in your care. We really can’t thank you enough.

Helen H, Courthouse Breakfast and After School Club – 06, 2024

Absolutely love this nursery and all the staff here. They have really nurtured our daughter since she started over a year ago. Now a chatty 2-year-old we love the new songs, dances and stories she brings home and shares with us. Her attempts at the alphabet song make us all smile. The staff work so hard to make it a fun and educational safe little world, and the most important point of all is, she loves it!

L Binns, Maidenhead Day Nursery – 06, 2023

My daughter has been going to Wise Owls – Farm View since she was 9 months old and is now in their preschool. The care that the team have for the children is outstanding! My daughter absolutely loves it there, and I have so much trust in the team to look after my daughter. I love hearing about what she has been doing that day and all of the fun activities they have been up to as well as watching her learn how to be independent and get ready for school – they’re really good at promoting independence and encouraging her character. She always has so much fun and has made great friends. Thank you to the team for always going above and beyond!

R Dow, Farm View Day Nursery, Spencers Wood – 09, 2023

Cannot fault. Our son loves attending. He runs in the morning and at the end of the day, has a wide smile on his face. He's been there since six months old for the last 2 years and he (and we) couldn't be happier. All the team are fantastic. Well done!

J Openshaw, Foxley Day Nursery, Shurlock Row – 10, 2023

Sammi enjoyed her time at Breakfast Club. The staff at St Peters church have all been amazing. Please thank them from all for us.

Parent, Wise Owls Breakfast Club – 07, 2023

My son attends the Maidenhead branch having joined from another nursery just under a year ago. The staff at Wise Owls Day Nursery couldn't have been better in helping him settle in, he felt at ease in no time at all. The progress he has made over the past 10 months has been amazing to witness and the recent parents' evening was very inciteful. I love that when possible they get the children outside, playing and exploring in the fresh air. We are so glad we moved our son to this nursery and it's a testament to all the staff there that he looks forward to going to nursery!

C Cheshire, Maidenhead Day Nursery – 09, 2023

We love Wise Owls, our little boy doesn’t even say goodbye when I drop him off, he is too excited to get inside. After being on maternity leave for a year it was incredibly tough to return to work full-time and have someone else care for my child, but the staff were amazingly supportive and they take a genuine interest in the children. I know my child is in the best possible place when I am at work and he is thriving in a fun, loving environment where he is growing and developing every day. The children are outside as much as possible and we love that about the education style. They learn and explore in their own little piece of nature. I cannot thank the staff enough for all they do for us, they are nothing short of amazing.

H Freese, Foxley Day Nursery, Shurlock Row – 09, 2023

My son has attended Farm View Day Nursery since February when he was 11 months old. I cannot express how happy we are with the nursery. The staff have been amazing since day one, and our son gets excited to see all his friends and the staff when we drop him off. You can absolutely tell that all of the staff in Owlets know the children they are caring for really well and that they really want to make sure the children get the most out of their experience at nursery. My son has learned so much since joining. Thank you so much for all your hard work Farm View. It's hard balancing work and parenthood, and knowing that my son is being cared for so well, and is so happy, makes all the difference.

H McKeand, Farm View Day Nursery, Spencers Wood – 06, 2023

He has had a great time at your club over the past 4 years and I am so very grateful for all that your staff have done and the fabulous days out he has had. He particularly enjoyed time spent with Penny, Joy and Will.

Parent, Wise Owls After School Club, Furze Platt School –

Our son absolutely loves coming to Wise Owls. He's been attending since he was 8 months old and has developed so much since. He's so happy to go in each morning and play with his friends. The staff are so lovely and we know he is well looked after.

C Healy, Maidenhead Day Nursery – 10, 2023

Amazing nursery, very clean, fantastic teachers with great educational skills, nutritious meals given and overall highly recommended. Our little one started in the baby room at 11 months old and we saw such an improvement with her interacting with other babies her own age after having little other beforehand. When she moved into the toddler room, she developed quickly and learnt so much in a short period of time. She still surprises us when she comes home and tells us of what she’s been learning. The teachers inform us daily of her development and day-to-day activities and meals/naps, even though there’s an app which is updated throughout the day. Would highly recommend to other parents. We have no complaints.

R Chani, Maidenhead Day Nursery – 10, 2023

My daughter has been attending Wise Owls for two years and she loves it. We are so confident she's having fun and learning. Wise Owls have a great, stable team that we really like and trust. We put our second daughter on the waiting list about a week after her birth!

J Donovan, Foxley Day Nursery, Shurlock Row – 09, 2023

The staff are amazing, attentive and kind – we get regular feedback on our child's development. My son loves going there and adores the staff. He eats very well there and we are happy with the nutritious menu and fruit that the children get daily.

M Karason, Farm View Day Nursery, Spencers Wood – 01, 2023

The staff are wonderfully caring, considerate and encouraging and her development has come on leaps and bounds in such a short space of time. Food time is amazing with well-balanced nutritional menus and they always seem to have some special day – it all makes me want to be two years old and go back to school. Highly recommended nursery 10 stars on everything. Keep up the good work.

E Deacon, Farm View Day Nursery, Spencers Wood – 02, 2023

My child has been at Foxley for over 6 months now. They love going and run in happy and excited every morning. This is testament to the warm welcomes from the staff and how they truly care for the children. We previously struggled settling our child into a childcare environment, so to see them settle straight away here made us know that it was the perfect place. It is important to us how invested the staff are in the children's development, and as well as regular updates on the app, they are open to discussing specific goings on at pick up and drop off. There is a large outdoor area with lots of resources, slides, water table, as well as a meadow, meaning our little one has so much to do and explore. Thank you to all who work there!

H Taylor, Foxley Day Nursery, Shurlock Row – 09, 2023

Wise Owls Day Nursery Scores

9.9 Shurlock Row
9.5 Reading
9.8 Maidenhead

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