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Wise Owls was founded in 2000 and has grown into an exceptional childcare service for children between the ages of 8 weeks and 14 years including Day Nursery, Preschool, Breakfast & After School Clubs and Holiday Clubs.

We believe that children learn best through play - and that goes for children of all ages. At Wise Owls Childcare we will immerse your child in the outdoors, games, books, music and art so that they fall in love with learning and enjoy making friends in a safe and caring ‘home away from home’.

Wise Owls day nurseries and preschools follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, offering enriching experiences and activities in an encouraging and secure environment, that allow children to constantly learn and to be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.

Day Nursery

Day Nursery

Our day nursery is a friendly, nurturing and homely environment where children have the freedom to explore, create and play while learning important skills such as sharing, problem-solving, socialising, the art of conversation and caring for others.

Breakfast, After-School & Holiday Clubs

Breakfast, After-School & Holiday Clubs

Our Clubs provide exceptional and convenient childcare outside of school hours. We offer an array of theme-based activities, sports, and arts and craft activities. Wise Owls Holiday Clubs are always action packed and children return time and time again because they have so much fun.

He has had a great time at your club over the past 4 years and I am so very grateful for all that your staff have done and the fabulous days out he has had. He particularly enjoyed time spent with Penny Joy and Will.

Molly very much enjoyed being part of Wise Owls. Thank you to everyone who looked after her.

Maxwell had a lovely time at Wise Owls and I would like to thank all the staff.

The boys had great fun whilst they were there and please pass our thanks onto the staff.

Sammi enjoyed her time at Breakfast Club. The staff at St Peters church have all been amazing. Please thank them from all for us.

Nandana enjoyed in Wise owls club she will be missing it after Easter.

They both have enjoyed their time at Wiseowls thank you for looking after them so well.

Thank you. Liam and Niall did enjoy being at the club and will no doubt return for a holiday club at some point in the future.

We take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the great service you offer we working parents couldnt make it without you.

Thaejaswin really enjoyed it well in wise owl club and he miss everyone there.

Ethan had a great time at the club and was sad to leave.

The girls really enjoyed spending time at the club they had made some great friends. I would like to thank all the team for their support in particular Penny and Sherish.

Thank you for all your support the staff who have looked after Sienna have been great and she will miss them.

EllaRose thoroughly enjoyed her time at wise owls and is looking forward to coming back next September.

Logan says thanks and he enjoyed going to wise Owls.

Thank you for everything he will really miss going to Wise Owls. Joshan.

It is a little sad to say goodbye to Wiseowls we think you do a great job in supporting parents needs and Beth has really enjoyed her time at club.

We have as you know been with Wise Owls for a number of years through Alwyn and Furze Platt and our experience has only ever been a good and positive one the only reason we have taken Emmy out of after school club is due to my recent redundancy but I do hope that in the future she will be returning when I am back in the working world.

just to say thank you for a great day out that Mete and Asiye had on Wednesday to Birdworld. Mete was especially chuffed to have been asked to look after a younger companion on the trip. Sounds like Mete may have filled him full of amazing facts He was delighted to report back that he had been trusted with this special responsibility made his day thank you.

Thank you it has been great and Amelia has loved being there and meeting different children. As a working mum I dont know what I would have done without you.

They have enjoyed Wise Owls I hope we can find equally good breakfast and after school clubs at their new schools.

I wanted to send a note to tell you what a fantastic asset Joy is to your Company as Joy shows nothing but care and thoughtfulness towards the children. Harry is very fond of Joy as am I and she is a true professional who exudes warmth. I wanted to let you know how grateful and pleased you should be to have such an employee as an HR Manager myself I interview all kinds of people and would be delighted to employ Joy I wanted to pass on my personal thanks for her time and caringness. Joy really is one in a million.

I mentioned to Penny about how much she looked after Oliver and cleaned him up when he was poorly last Friday. Joy went above and beyond her duty of care and I am so happy with her work she does especially with Oliver. I just wanted to take it higher and thank her and let you know she is brilliant at her job and clearly loves the children.

I just wanted to drop you a note to say how lovely the breakfast and after school club is my daughter only started a few weeks ago and already absolutely loves it and doesnt want to come home. All the girls that run the clubs are so warm and caring and has made being at work so much easier knowing how happy and cared for she is.

Safiya is missing Wise Owls very much please pass our best regards to all the staff members You would be surprise in France there is no something like Wise Owls after school clubs so maybe worth to think on opening a branch here.

Many thanks to the Wise Owls team who have looked after Rhys over the years.

Maxwell had a lovely time at wise owls and I would like to thank all the staff.

Anwita enjoyed and got taken care of very nicely by the team. Its been a good journey for Anwita and she is missing the club.

Freddie has had a wonderful time with you guys he is sad to have left he made really lovely friends thank you.

Pass my thanks onto all the Wise Owls team who gave excellent care to both my girls throughout their primary years.

matthew has had a wonderful 7 years at Wise Owls I am so very happy with how well he has been looked after by the team.

They have had the best time and have very fond memories thank you.

The children had a great time at the club and all staff were extremely good.

Tian has enjoyed her 7 years at Wise Owls thanks for the care and help Wise Owls gave us.

She loved the club it made my return to full time work so much easier that she was happy to go.

Ems really enjoyed her time at the breakfast club after school and holiday clubs. We will really miss everyone.

Ben has loved being at wise owls and will miss all of you.

Alice had a lovely time at Wise Owls thanks we greatly appreciated all the care and time that was given to her while there.

Holly loved being at the club she will really miss it.

Cagatay had a very good time with Wise Owls theyve always been good with him and others all the team without exception was outstanding.

Marlin has had a great time and no doubt well be using Wise Owls at some point again in the future.

Cyprian had really good time in Wise Owls for almost 6 years.

Thanks for all your help over the years.

My daughter has been going to Wise Owls Day Nursery at Abingdon nearly a year now. We are so happy with the care and support that she gets. She has learnt a lot since being there and her social skills are incredible! She is always happy and has a lovely relationship with the staff that work there. The communication between staff and parents is great, we always get feedback at the end of the day and the staff are always so positive and welcoming.

We are very pleased with Wise Owls Nursery. Our daughter is so happy going in each day and seems to do so much in a short space of time. The staff are passionate, diligent and knowledgeable. As parents, we feel our daughter is being very well looked after. She has made lovely friends and is thriving. In the context of COVID-19, we feel very at ease with the precautions and procedures in place

My son has attended the nursery since he was 8 months old, he is now in pre-school and will be attending his first year at big school in September. I cannot recommend the team at Wise Owls Abingdon enough. They have brought my son to life. He is so happy to trot off into his class every morning and see all his friends. The team haven't just helped with my son's early education, they have been the biggest help and support for me and my husband as parents. Thank you for being the best and we will miss you, come September.

I couldn't be happier with Wise Owls as a nursery. We have been with them for the last 4.5 years and they have changed a lot over this time and only got better. Our daughter was particularly clingy and had bad separation anxiety. The staff always put us at ease and helped her to settle, which was really important to us as first-time parents. She is now at school and often talks about how much she misses nursery. My son still attends Wise Owls and is the polar opposite of his sister. They have done a fantastic job of helping him to potty train recently, in no time at all. He loves nursery and runs in every morning without looking back. All the staff are fantastic but a particularly big shout out to two members of staff, in particular, who have been with us from near the start - they are superstars. Thank you to all the staff at Wise Owls for doing such a good job at looking after our babies for us and filling their days with fun.

Both our children go here full-time, 5 days a week. We're really happy. It's a lovely nursery in a lovely setting. The scale of the nursery is what first attracted us - it's smaller and a more intimate than how I imagine other local nurseries must be. Also, less of a corporate feel than Milton Park. Everyone really does know everyone else, like a little community. The staff are fantastic, I couldn't speak more highly of them all. Our kids talk about them all the time at home, and obviously feel very safe and happy at nursery. The staff are brilliant at talking to us about our childrens' needs, how their day was, ideas for their development, etc. This nursery has given our kids wonderful friends, brilliant experiences, aided their development and social skills, and helped ready our eldest for school. She's only just turned 4 and she's reading full sentences!

Nice staff, happy to accommodate different needs, always keep you updated on things (both the carers and the women in the office dealing with admin). Our son feels comfortable there and I love the fact that it is near a farm, rather than a busy town centre or a busy road. The children have access to a nice outdoor space and can see some horses.

My son has been going to Farm View for 4 months and absolutely loves it! All the staff are so friendly! We were shown around by a team member who was so helpful explaining the daily running of the nursery and how they monitor and help a child develop. She was very warm and reassuring. All the staff that look after my son have helped him develop with language, counting and social skills. I have seen a huge leap in his confidence since he started at Farm View nursery. We are so glad we chose Farm View!

Great nursery with natural surroundings. Staff are helpful, friendly and helped my child when she struggled with confidence. All areas of learning are met throughout. Would happily recommend to friends and family.

Our daughter has been going to Farm View since she was 10-months-old, and really enjoys it. She has learnt to develop her social and motor skills. The staff are great and do a fab job in helping the children learn. They introduce lots of fun and different activities. Would recommend Farm View to any parent.

Fabulous countryside Nursery with a wonderful friendly family vibe! Our little girl started at Farm View in July 2020 (and obviously not under normal circumstances due to Covid) however for the past 7 months she has been loving going to Nursery. Everyone was so supportive of her settling in process whilst all done in a covid-secure way. We have been so thankful for the measures that Farm View has put in place to keep the Nursery open as it is such a wonderful part of 'normal' for our little one. The daily activities in the Owlet room (and across the whole nursery) are so different that her experience and development is encouraged in so many different and engaging ways - not to mention her social development - she is becoming quite the social butterfly always mentioning the names of friends from her bubble! We are a very outdoor orientated family so I am always delighted that the children are encouraged to go outside whatever the weather! We love this Nursery and highly recommend!

My daughter has been at Farm View for 9 months. She loves it there, toddling in quite happily every morning. The staff are very caring and accommodating in adapting to the individual child's routine. They do a wide range of activities including sensory and outdoor play, and the staff have been really encouraging in helping my daughter meet her development milestones.

Wonderful nursery with caring and attentive staff. My daughter has come on leaps and bounds since starting over a year and a half ago. They have assisted with potty training alongside her language and social skills.

We are extremely happy with Farm View. Our son is very well taken care of and happy there, and it is also very evident how much he learns each day when he comes home and shows or tells us something new. He is also very comfortable with the staff who are all really kind, caring will always take the time to have a chat if needed. Nursery management have always dealt with my inquiries promptly, pliantly and professionally and are always on the ball when it comes to notifying parents of changes at nursery. We really love this nursery and will highly recommend it to anyone.

My son has been at Farm View for almost three months and we are more than happy with it. The staff have been fantastic, always friendly, good knowledge and communication. My son settled quickly considering it is his first time ever in a nursery. We would definitely recommend Farm View to any other local parents.

I just wanted to drop you a note to say how lovely the breakfast and after school club is. My daughter only started a few weeks ago and already absolutely loves has made being at work so much easier knowing how happy and cared for she is.

Our daughter is loving the days she has breakfast club and after school club. She loves that she has time at after school club to play outside and do colouring inside and she really likes the dinners provided too Thanks to Elle and the other adults.

Our girls have certainly enjoyed Wise Owls and the food you have provided.

My child loved her time at Wise Owls, she had so much fun and everyone was so friendly and professional.

Thanks for all you do - it’s an amazing provision to have in the school and one that we will certainly use again in the future.

I would like to say how happy we were with the wrap around care provided by Wise Owls at Alwyn. I felt happy working knowing she was in a good environment.

My daughter is delighted and eagerly looks forward to attending the club each and every day.

They have enjoyed Wise Owls. I hope we can find equally good breakfast and after school clubs at their new schools.

We take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the great service you offer. Working parents couldn’t make it without you.

My daughter enjoyed her time at Breakfast Club. The staff at St Peter’s Church have all been amazing.

Thank you for looking after Sophie throughout the year. Thank you for teaching her and helping her to grow, we could not be happier with the nursery.

Thank you so very much for taking such good care of our girls. They love the nursery and absolutely adore you. You have taught them so much and have become role models for them.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Max and Luke. It feels like the end of an era and we are very sad to say goodbye. Both our boys had a wonderful time, thank you for being so kind, calm and funny. We will miss you.

Thank you for helping me grow and learn. Heartfelt thanks for your patience, kindness and inspiration.

Thank you so much for giving Florence such a lovely experience. Thank you for all the fantastic things you have taught her over such a short period of time. We will miss coming in and seeing your always smiling and kind faces.

Thank you for helping me grow, for your patience, laughing and joy. Thank you for teaching me shapes, numbers, colours, months and days of the week amongst all other things I have learnt this year.

Thank you so much for looking after Hugo so well for us. He really has enjoyed his time with you and has made lots of friends. We would recommend you to anyone looking for a nursery place for their child.

My daughter started the nursery in 2020 at 8 months old. Being a lockdown baby we were anxious about her starting. The team were amazing with settling her in and following our routine. She enjoys nursery so much, she has fully settled and her development is amazing. She is constantly learning new things. Amazing staff, great location, great times and very reasonable fees. Highly recommend.

My son goes to Wise Owls Day Nursery three days a week and has developed so much since starting with them. The team are fantastic, they keep me up to date with everything that is going on, they helped when we started the potty training process and they know my son so well, I feel very comfortable and happy knowing he is in good hands. The prices are brilliant, I have a tight budget, but the care is the most important thing and I know that he is at the best nursery in Maidenhead.

I honestly can not recommend this nursery enough. The staff are excellent, brilliant value for money and my son absolutely loves it there. We have noticed a huge improvement in his development as a direct result of him attending and the exceptional care provided by the Wise Owls team.

My daughter has been in this nursery since she was 2 years old. She will start school this September. She has always been happy in the nursery. During the Covid time when the nursery had to remain closed, she told me millions of times that she really missed the nursery. I credit this to the nursery staff for their delicate care and top engagement. As it is a small nursery, the staff turnover is not frequent at all, so the kids can feel a secure bonding with the staff. The new setting in Braywick Leisure Centre has provided even further opportunities to the kids and staff. The new setting is such a homely environment and my daughter loves the castle. Parking is also very easy and it is just next to the leisure centre. It also helps to combine sibling activities in the leisure centre and own exercise in the running ground or in the leisure centre. Besides, the fee is very reasonable and the length of the opening hours is good. Great value for money.

Wonderful nursery, staff are professional and excellent, the care provided is outstanding, children are well cared for and educated, my son attended and my daughter also. I can’t recommend enough, my little girl loves her nursery, thanks to the caring nature of your staff.

Our daughter loved her time at Wise Owls, she had so much fun and everyone was so friendly and professional.

Our son really enjoyed his time at Wise Owls and still talks about it, so thank you so much for taking care of him.

Our daughter really enjoyed her time at the club. Thanks for taking such good care of her.

Just a quick note to say how much my daughter has enjoyed holiday club. Ellie is always there at the door with a welcoming smile, making it so lovely at drop off. When I pick up my daughter, she has always had a lovely time.

Our son has had a great time and no doubt we’ll be using Wise Owls at some point again in the future.

Our child had a lovely time at Wise Owls thanks we greatly appreciated all the care and time that was given to her while there.

Thank you it has been great and our daughter has loved being there and meeting different children. As a working mum, I don’t know what I would have done without you.

The girls really enjoyed spending time at the club. They had made some great friends.

We take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the great service you offer we working parents couldn’t make it without you.

Wise Owls staff have been great with my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter. Always smiling, always communicating with me. Love the outdoor space for the children. Inside is also a lovely space for the children to play in. Very happy child as a result of all the hard work of staff at Wise Owls.

Very friendly and helpful staff looked after our little boy since his second birthday. Since then, he became very independent and gained lots of new skills. Wise Owls at Foxley Nursery is a highly recommended local nursery. Well done Foxley.

My son has been going to Wise Owls at Foxley Nursery for a year and a half now and I can honestly say that he loves his time there. He runs down the lane every morning and can’t wait to get in the door. He enjoys telling me what they’ve done each day and I love hearing what he’s learnt. He’s due to start school in September 2021, so it’s really reassuring that he is being prepared for that in one way or another, even if he doesn’t realise it. The outdoor space is fantastic and my son particularly loves the forest school element. It’s nice to know that he’s getting outside at some point of the day, come rain or shine. The staff are all so lovely, always very friendly, caring and helpful.

My daughter has thrived since going back in September 2020, she absolutely loves going and gets so excited on the days she goes! Her key workers are incredibly helpful and have been really accommodating when we needed to increase my daughter's hours. My little girl comes home happy and full of beans which is all a mum can ask for when picking up their child.

My son attends the nursery and has been very happy. The manager and the team are really accommodating, and the nursery itself has recently undergone refurbishment making it lovely and clean. With great outdoor facilities. When visiting Wise Owls at Foxley (Shurlock Row) I found it had an amazing outdoor space including a forest school, as well as indoor space. It has recently been renovated with added space for children to play and because of this, I would highly recommend this setting. Furthermore, the staff are very welcoming and are more than happy to help in any way they can, they are truly there to provide the best care for your children. They are up to date with all training (Covid included) and take all measures to ensure your children are safe and healthy. Once again I cannot recommend this setting enough.

My son started at Wise Owls at Foxley Nursery in September and has been very happy since joining. The staff have been fantastic and supportive of me and my son throughout the transition to nursery. I was worried that to start nursery at 2-years-old would be hard, but he has cherished his new carers and feels very at home at Foxley. He loves all of the activities, both indoors and outdoors that they organise. He really enjoys all of the meals too, especially the hot lunches!

Foxley nursery has been the best we could have hoped for our son. His speech and development were delayed and the work the staff have done with him has been second to none and he is now at the appropriate development for his age. The nursery is always clean, welcoming and staff are approachable. The staff have the time of day to tell you about your child's day but also always willing to talk and help with any problems we have.The staff are just wonderful and my son loves all of them and missed them terribly during lockdown. The nursery is in such lovely surroundings and is well maintained. I would highly recommend this nursery to anyone.

From the moment I arrived for a visit, I knew this was the right nursery for my son. It was filled with warmth and welcoming staff. It is always clean and my son comes home always talking about his day. The daily journal allows me to be continuously updated on what he has been doing and his progress. In the few months he has been there, he has developed so much and I can’t thank all the team at Wise Owls enough.

Since being taken over by Wise Owls you can see that Foxley nursery and its facilities have improved significantly. My 3-year-old has been there for approximately a year now and thoroughly enjoys his time there. It’s well managed, clean and lots of fun for the kiddies. They do lots of engaging activities, learning, playing and outdoor forest school. They have a large outdoor space which the children seem to really enjoy. The staff are really friendly and approachable too.

This nursery has been amazing for our son. Our son has thrived with the support of the wonderful staff and the beautiful setting. There is no other place we would have chosen. During this very difficult time, they have given him a place to have fun and play with his friends again.

Lovely nursery. Great location. amazing staff and most importantly my two boys love it!

My daughter aged 2 started Wise Owls at Shurlock Row and she instantly settled. She has come on leaps and bounds with her speech and confidence since starting nursery and her key worker is brilliant! The outdoor play area is big and spacious and the children are lucky to have Forest School. The staff make a great team and are always happy to chat and help with any questions/queries and are so understanding. I will be gutted when it’s time for my daughter to leave to start primary school.

The staff there is absolutely amazing and this is so crucial to us parents as our child is with them for most of the day. My son comes home and talks about all his teachers and how lovely they are to him and every night he goes to sleep happily knowing he has nursery the next day. The way the teachers understand him explain guide and teach him makes me so overwhelming happy. One very very happy mummy and so lucky that my son has incredible teachers that are working alongside me to give my son a strong foundation in learning life basics and getting him ready for school next year.

This absolutely fantastic preschool in Farnham Royal really focuses on ensuring the children are always happy enjoying themselves and learning through play. My child has been thriving since joining this nursery in September. The team here are brilliant and take a very caring and attentive approach with each child.

You will see for yourself what an amazing preschool Wise Owls is once your child starts to go there. All us parents talk and tell each other how happy we are with every aspect. We sometimes as parents get sucked into fancy looking nurseries thinking that the more faculties we can see on display reflects the standard of the nursery. Wise Owls may appear to some as a small classroom setting but there are a wide variety of activities that the children do daily that we parents can actually visually see at the end of the day and know exactly what our child has done and learnt. The structure allows a lovely balance for children to learn and have fun and play.

Good communication and variety of activities, my son learns a lot and staff helped him settle well (he was reluctant for a while). The staff have good experience with the EYFS stage, knowledge of development milestones etc. My only wish would be longer opening hours to accommodate 9-5 working hours.

My older son was going to the same nursery. I really appreciate the work made by the current manager. She has a lot of initiative and creativity. My decision to take my little girl was based also on the presence of the current staff.

Our daughter really looks forward to going to Wise Owls every day and is very happy there. The staff are great - enthusiastic, really helpful and very caring. We have been really happy with the feedback we get about our daughter's progress through the online journal and found that very useful. We have already recommended Wise Owls to other people as we have been so happy sending our daughter there.

My son absolutely loves the nursery, and he will miss it very much. The staff are very caring and make every day an adventure. They put their heart into the work, and they kinds know it. Would recommend highly.

My son loves it here! He wakes up every day and can’t wait to get to “school”! The staff are great and keep you updated over the website. We always felt he was in safe hands when we left him. They also dealt extremely well with the complication of a pandemic halfway through the year and adapted well to re-open. We highly recommend you send your children here.

Wise Owls has had a massive impact on my daughter's learning. She's very strong minded and they have taught her amazing skills on how to control this around her peers. My daughter absolutely loves it and the staff are truly amazing. I highly recommend Wise Owls. Thank you for everything.

My child absolutely loves going to nursery. Every time we drive past she is very disappointed if we don’t go in (due to not being her time/day) she loves showing me what she has made and tells me all about her teachers and friends. She settled in really well and staff have been very informative and helpful. Her online journal is regularly updated so that I can see everything she has been getting up to and she loves to look back on it as well. It is a great nursery, it provides lots of activities for play and learning, including trips. My child especially enjoys storytime, either being read to or reading to her friends, she even imitates the voices and facial expressions she has learnt from staff to go along with the stories when she ‘reads’ it herself and she is extremely engaged which is quite unusual for her as she gets bored very quickly. I am very pleased I chose this nursery and would definitely recommend.

My 2-year old son has been attending Wise Owls - Farm View Day Nursery for half a year now and we are very happy with the day nursery. The staff are amazing, attentive and kind - we get regular feedback on the child's development. My son loves going there and adores the staff. He eats very well there and we are happy with the nutritious menu and fruit that the children get daily.

Oxana – parent ( on 31 January 2023)

Our daughter has been attending Wise Owls - Farm View Day Nursery for over 18 months starting in the baby room (Owlets) and recently transitioning into toddlers (Little Owls) the care given to her is second to none. The staff are wonderfully caring, considerate and encouraging and her development has come on leaps and bounds in such a short space of time. Food time is amazing with well-balanced nutritional menus and they always seem to have some special day .. be it Red Nose day, Easter, Father Xmas visiting, or Valentine's day celebration - it all makes me want to be two years old and go back to school. Highly recommended nursery 10 stars on everything. Keep up the good work.

Shane – parent ( on 21 February 2023)

Our daughter has loved attending Farm View since she was 10 months old and she has thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you to all the staff who have helped her develop along the way in preparation for primary school.

Corrinne – parent ( on 3 October 2022)

Thank you to all of the wonderful staff who work at this amazing nursery. My daughter has been here 4 years and we are so sad she is leaving. All the staff are so kind, caring and reassuring. When my daughter was 7 months they really supported me in her transition into the baby room, they were so kind and very informative at the end of each day always answering any questions that I had so cheerfully. I could tell her keyworkers truly cared about all aspects of her well-being and they had built a real connection through her time in each room. There was real structure when she moved through each room and they were very invested in her development and ‘next steps’ …..She can now confidently write her name before going to school thanks to her current keyworker. The owner was also very informative and quick acting throughout the pandemic. As a nurse she insured the nursery remained open and really supported us on the frontline. An outstanding nursery and team.

Emma – parent ( on 1 August 2022)