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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a place?

If you would like your child to join one of our clubs, it is important that you register your child first. Click here to register

Do I need to leave a deposit?

For permanent After School and Breakfast Club bookings a deposit and joining fee is payable by credit/debit card at the time of making the booking. If you request a place and we are unable to accommodate that request, you will receive a full refund. If a place is available, we will confirm it by email. Should you then cancel the booking, we require 6 weeks notice in writing and we will refund your deposit as per our terms and conditions. Please note, your booking is NOT confirmed until you have received confirmation.

Can I book ad hoc days?

You can book ‘ad hoc’ days for the After School and Breakfast Club but the registration procedure must still be completed. These places book up quickly, so please check availability with the office first by phoning 01628 620013.

How early should I book for Breakfast and After School Club?

For Breakfast and After-School clubs, the earlier you book the better – as we often have waiting lists for certain days. This is particularly important for September bookings, our busiest time of year. So, even if you do not know which school your child will be attending, you should register with us as soon as possible and then complete this information on the registration form later and make a booking then.

If you have a younger sibling please be aware they do not automatically get a place so please ensure you don’t forget to enrol them early!

Last-minute bookings can be accommodated if we have space and you have completed the registration procedures outlined above.

How early should I book for Holiday Club?

For Holiday Clubs, we open bookings for each Holiday Club half a term in advance (e.g. for Christmas Holiday Club we open bookings just after October half term). We recommend booking as soon as you can and at least 1 week before your child attends. We will try to accommodate last minute bookings if there is space, but we may have to make an additional charge for this. Our Holiday Clubs are very popular so early bookings are advised.

What’s the difference between a permanent booking and an ad-hoc booking for Breakfast and After School Club?

A permanent booking means you book the same days every week within term time, and we guarantee you that space every week. This means that you agree to pay for those days, regardless of whether you use all the sessions. An ad-hoc booking (a day or two at a time) offers more flexibility but is subject to availability, with permanent bookings taking priority.

I have a regular day booked, but I’d like to swap it to another day this week. Can I do this?

We cannot accommodate swaps of days, but you can book an extra day (subject to availability). This is because we organise staffing levels, order food and equipment, and pay rent according to the numbers of permanent bookings we have.

Do I pay for bank holidays/inset days/sick days?

Yes, we charge for inset days and bank holidays where they fall in our term dates (our term dates are available to view on our website). We also charge for sick days as in our terms and conditions, as we provided a place for your child according to your booking, and need to meet the costs incurred.

If my child isn’t attending today, how do I let you know they won’t be attending?

Please contact us as soon as you know your child will not be attending a booked session by contacting the club directly on their mobile number.


Please contact the club between 7.30 and 9am.

  1. Courthouse: 07798 872990
  2. St Peters: 07792 252842

We will always respond so contact us if you have not heard.


Please send a text message to the relevant club mobile number below to report your child absent or to ask about lost property.

You can also call the club after 2:30pm

  1. Oldfield: 07724 641090
  2. Courthouse: 07798 872990
  3. Furze Platt: 07935 211471


Contact the office by emailing or phone 01628 620013. We will answer your email to let you know we have received it. (If you do not receive a response, please follow up with a phone call as we may not have received your email). Alternatively, contact the club from 8:30am to 5:30pm on:

  1. Highfield: 07724 641090

If your child is going on a trip in the morning, please let us know as early as possible.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Yes, we accept all childcare vouchers. We can provide reference numbers for several, so please contact the office and let us know which company you are using.You will also need our Ofsted number. For Oldfield After School Club use EY492269, for Courthouse After School Club and Breakfast Club use EY416753, for Furze Platt After School Club use EY496172, and for the Highfield Holiday Club use EY291729. We need a copy of your remittance stating that you have paid via voucher or set up a voucher for the amount due. We need this within 2 days of your booking.

Can I pay monthly?

We invoice for each half term rather than monthly, and ask that all customers pay the exact amount on the invoice. If you would like to pay this in instalments, you can request this by contacting We do not recommend paying a monthly fixed amount, as this can cause confusion as to what credit / debit is on your account. If you use childcare vouchers, you can pay monthly into your voucher account, then on receipt of an invoice you can authorise the payment to us for the exact amount due.

I’d like to cancel my place. What notice do I need to give?

Breakfast and After School Clubs

We need minimum six week’s notice in writing (email to This applies whether you are just dropping one day, or leaving altogether. We will respond to confirm we have received your cancellation. If we have not done so, please contact us as we may not have received your letter/email.

Holiday Club

All cancellations will incur a £10 administration fee per reference. We require a minimum of two week’s notice in writing to cancel your booking or you will be required to pay for the session in full. We will respond to confirm we have received your cancellation. If we have not done so, please contact us as we may not have received your letter/email.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

We do not offer a sibling discount for our clubs. Instead, we aim to keep a fair price for each place.

Do you offer Holiday Clubs on inset days?

We are not usually able to offer Holiday Clubs on inset days. Please check our term dates to see if your inset days are covered by the Holiday Clubs. (You can request a copy of our term dates from the office).

I’ve paid my invoice but I still received a reminder by email. Why is this?

Payments sometimes take time to show up in our account, especially voucher payments, and as reminders are sent out automatically they may overlap. We ask you to ignore the reminders if this is the case, or if you have already contacted us to inform us of when the payment will be made.If it has been longer than 10 days since you have sent your payment, and you still receive a reminder please contact us at as it may be that the payment has been lost and we will need to find out what has happened to it. However if you have not paid it is important that you pay on receipt of the reminder to avoid late payment fees.

Confirmation emails for your payment are sent once the invoice has been paid in full.

My child is attending a school trip and will be back at school later than usual. Can Wise Owls still pick him up?

If the children are arriving later than usual, we will be unable to collect them. We collect from several schools and waiting at one school can cause a delay for children at the next school; we also need all our staff back at the club as quickly as possible, to maintain ratios. You will need to have an alternative arrangement in place – one suggestion is to arrange for another parent to drop your child off at Wise Owls. Please remember to let us know what you have planned.