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Terms & Conditions Holiday Clubs

For the purposes of this document Wise Owls Club shall hereinafter be called ‘The Club’ and those wishing to use the services of Wise Owls Club, shall hereinafter be called “The Client”.

The Club will only undertake Business under the following Terms and Conditions, each of which shall be incorporated or implied in any agreements between The Club and The Clients. No variations of these Terms and Conditions shall be binding unless expressly confirmed by The Club in writing and signed by the Director of The Club. The Client is bound by these Terms and Conditions once having completed the online registration.

The Terms and Conditions may be altered from time to time. The Club undertakes to display the latest version on The Club’s website.


1. The Club acts as a registered childcare facility for children between the hours of 08:30 and 17:30 Monday to Friday during holiday periods at Highfield School in Maidenhead. The Club is closed on bank holidays and for the period over Christmas between Christmas and New Year or until the new term. Dates are available on our website.

2. The Club operates on the basis of 1 staff member to 8-10 children. Should The Client’s child require a 1:1 ratio, the child may attend the club in the normal way accompanied by his/her carer (which may be arranged through the resources of the Local Authority.



3. It is The Client’s responsibility to keep the information on the Registration Form online up to date for the children and carers. Failure to update vital information such as e-mail address, contact details and home address could result in a Social Services issue.

4. It is the parents’ responsibility to add into our registration form any information required to care for the child to the best of our abilities. This is behaviour related, needs related, family background. We may contact you before starting to asses if our staff are able to attend to your child’s needs or if 1:1 care will need to be provided. Failure to inform us in advance could result in your child being unable to attend the booked session.



5. The Club’s preferred method of payment is Credit/Debit Card via the website. The Club also accepts payment for all childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare. If paying via childcare voucher or tax-free childcare these payments must be made the same day as the booking made. If this payment is not received at this time a £5 admin fee may apply or your booking cancelled within 48 hours.

6. If The Client has difficulty paying on time, The Club must be contacted and failure to do this may result into a ‘money claim online’ to retrieve the money and/ or the child not being accepted at The Club. No child will be able to attend our provision without full payment received and no communication.

7. The Club will be unable to operate in the event of health and safety issues, bad weather, diseases, Acts of God or circumstances beyond The Club’s control and the premises will be closed. In adverse weather conditions, The Client must contact The Club on the club mobiles to establish the current situation. Updates will be posted on The Club’s social media pages, and if possible, on The Club’s website. The Club will put the safety of the children and staff first and will not take any unnecessary risks. There will be no refund due.



8. Bookings must be made in advance to secure a place for The Client’s child, in order to arrange staff, meals and outings. This can be done via The Club’s website with full payment.

9. All bookings are confirmed by email at the time the booking is made. If such email confirmation is not received, then the session is not booked. If the information contained in the confirmation of booking is incorrect in any way, The Client should contact the office. You will receive reminder emails regarding outings and any items required. The Client is responsible for noting this information and acting accordingly. It is The Client’s responsibility to dress their child appropriately for the days activities.

10. The Client may book one day, several days or whole weeks. The Club does not offer half-day sessions or sibling discounts due to the low pricing policy of The Club.

11. ALL Holiday Club fees are to be paid in full, at the booking process. This applies to the cost of outings and meals. If payment is via voucher and the voucher payment is not received your booking could be cancelled or an admin fee applied.

12.The Club’s fees are revised regularly when reviewing outgoing costs.



13. The Client has the option to book meals or send the child with a packed lunch and tea to The Club and this should be healthy in line with The Club’s healthy eating policy. The Client should be aware that The Club operates a no nut policy. There are occasions when this option may only be fixed meals or no meals due to the days activities.



14. If The Client wishes to cancel a booking The Club requires two (2) weeks’ notice in writing by e-mail which will be acknowledged by The Club. We charge a £10 admin fee per booking reference for this service. If The Client cancels a booking at short notice due to other arrangements or sickness, The Club will not refund the fee for that session.



15. If your child is sick or has diarrhoea, we have a 48-hour policy, with other illnesses please see the NHS guidance notes. No refund will be given.



16. The Client must collect the child by 17.30 but should The Client be unable to do so in unforeseen circumstances, The Club must be notified before 17.00 of the revised collection time. There is then an additional late fee charge of £5. After 17.45 The Client will incur a further fee equating to the cost of retaining the supervisors for the extra time required. This will be for two members of staff who must be kept advised as to The Client’s expected arrival time. These terms have been devised in recognition of the fact that The Club’s staff have other commitments after their working day.



17. The booking of a session with The Club implies that The Club has The Client’s consent for the child to be taken on outings by the minibus or on foot. Information on activities is available on the online booking form.

18. The Club aims to take the children (walking) to the park daily, weather dependent. It is The Client’s responsibility to be aware of all scheduled outings, read all signs displayed at the Signing In desk. On outings days, The Club will depart from the premises at 09.30 and the child must arrive on time to avoid being left behind. In that event The Client would need to deliver the child to the destination. The children and staff will usually return to The Club at 16.00. Discovery club may leave sooner or return later depending on the outing. It is The Client’s responsibility to check this information. If there are adverse weather conditions then outings may be cancelled. The Club will not take unnecessary risks which endanger the children or staff. Payments will not be refunded.

19. In the highly unlikely event that The Club planned outing is unable to happen we will do our best to organise something in its place. Communication of this will be emailed to the main carer.

20. Children in the Junior club will not require spending money on outings as there are no visits to gift shops. Discovery club may bring spending money on outing days but this is optional. The Club cannot accept responsibility for spending money nor items purchased by the child.

21. The Club takes every precaution to ensure each child is safe at all times. The Club has procedures in place which the children are aware of in the unlikely event of a child being lost. If the child is unable to listen to instruction and follow procedure The Club recommends that he/she is not booked for outing days in the interests of the safety of the child. If your child is unable to listen to instructions on an outing day you will be contacted to collect your child as soon as possible to ensure the safety of them and others.

22. The Club takes the Discovery children on more regular and adventurous outings. The Club has procedures in place which the children are aware of in the unlikely event of a child being lost. If The Client’s child is unable to listen to instruction and follow procedure The Club recommends that he/she is not booked for outing days in the interests of the safety of the child and the staff. If your child is unable to listen to instructions on an outing day you will be contacted to collect your child as soon as possible to ensure the safety of them and others.

23. If The Client books a session with The Club on an outing day, the child must go on the outing on offer. All staff are required to accompany the children and the premises are not available during the outing. Please ensure your child is able to do the activity, e.g. Swimming, ice skating, bike riding etc.



24. Wise Owls Club aims for all children who attend the holiday club to be potty trained due to staffing ratios, outings and the layout of the school. However, if your child is not potty trained, then please provide all of the necessary items and speak with a member of our team. If your child is in nappies all equipment including changing mats must be provided.



25. It is The Club’s practice to use photographs/videos of children attending The Club which may be used for advertising, displays of other promotional purposes and the name of the child may accompany any such images. If The Client wishes to withhold consent for this practice, it should be clearly indicated on The Club’s online Registration Form. If not these images may exceed their child’s attendance.



26. The Club takes every precaution to keep the children within its care safe from harm, but The Club is not liable for any accidents which may occur.

27. The Client is responsible for their child’s belongings. The Club cannot be held liable for loss or damage of such possessions and two (2) weeks after each holiday, these belongings will be given to charity.



28. The Club reserves the right to withdraw its services if The Client’s child is disruptive or aggressive in a manner which poses a safety risk to the other children at The Club. The Club will give an initial verbal warning but if matters do not improve or in an extreme case, The Club will demand the immediate removal of the child and the fees will not be refunded. The decision of The Club is final.

29. Equally if a parent/ child is aggressive or rude to our staff at The Club or a child within our care, this behaviour will not be tolerated, and The Club reserves the right to withdraw its service. No refund of care will be received.


Version: March 2023

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