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If your child is big into science experiments, then you’ve come to the right place. This week, we’re going to reveal some secrets about simple yet fascinating hands-on science experiments. With any luck, your child will enjoy them so much that they’ll want to demonstrate them to you at home! 

Monday 29 July

We will launch straight into this exciting week with some out of this world experiments. We will make DIY phone speakers, do the dazzling lava lamp experiment, along with the density column and coke/mentos experiments. That’s not all! We are going to make our own DIY Operation Game and learn about inertia in another experiment. We will head out to Grenfell Park where children will enjoy the playground and some group games. On top of all that we will make slime and see if we can push a skewer through a balloon without popping it. And that’s just day 1!

Tuesday 30 July

On Tuesday, we are off to the Science Museum in London followed by a picnic in Hyde Park and a chance to dip our feet in the Diana Memorial. This day will be epic. In the morning we will enjoy some oil pastel painting and make colourful play dough and when we get back from London we will send a secret message to friends with invisible ink.

Wednesday 31 July

Today you can bring your bike or scooter to club (don’t forget the helmet). We will do some more science experiments today, including the magic leak-proof bag and growing super crystals. We will make plant cell pizzas and slushy drinks and burn off some energy on our bikes and scooters in the playground with an obstacle course. We will head out to the park as usual for some fun on the playground and group activities.

Thursday 1 August

Today’s experiment is the naked egg experiment after we spend the day at Oaken Grove park enjoying a picnic, playing some football and tag on the play equipment. We will also do some mixed media art with the glue gun and make cloud dough in the morning.

Friday 2 August

To wrap up the week, we will make salt dough ball ornaments, giant soap bubbles, do an experiment with plain white flowers turning colourful and put ice cream in the oven without melting it! We will do an experiment that shows us how sugary drinks effect our teeth and we will make an edible model of a plant cell. We will also venture out to our local Grenfell Park to stretch the legs and play some groups games.

Each day, Discovery children have the freedom to take part in a variety of sport and physical activities like basketball, football, skipping, bouldering and bench ball, as well as enjoy a range of free-time activities including board games, colouring in, Lego competitions, group games, and a wide selection of arts and crafts materials to choose from and enjoy at their own leisure. We have a pool table and a table football table, and a chill out zone for those just wanting to read books or magazines, do some scrapbooking or make something out of the wide range of materials available. 

Please note: While we do plan to visit the park every day, this is weather dependent.   

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