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Navigating the many fee & funding options can be difficult for busy parents. To help you understand your childcare fees and what you’re entitled to, we have put together some helpful information and resources below. We want to be open and transparent about our fees. A number of factors are considered when calculating our fees including consumables, staff costs, resources etc. We want to ensure your child receives top quality care, and in order to achieve this, we highly value the investment in training and retaining the best practitioners.

Childcare Fees

Your childcare fees include breakfast, snacks, lunch, tea, milk, formula and nappies. We have a simple fee structure with no hidden fees or charges. Fees are payable for the entire month. You will be invoiced on 23rd of each month and fees must be paid in advance by 1st of the month. Fees are annualised and are calculated by our daily rate x 51 weeks divided by 12 months. We exclude one week over the Christmas from our charges. Fees are charged for bank holidays and inset days if they fall on days your child usually attends. Fees are reviewed annually.

Childcare funding

We know that many parents have been looking forward to the time when they can claim childcare funding. In most cases, funding won’t start from the day your child turns the age they need to be to be eligible for funding. Please read our factsheets to understand more about when you can expect your childcare funding to start.

Tax-Free Childcare

Tax-free childcare is a government scheme that allows all eligible parents of children under 12 – to open an online account to pay for childcare and early education. You could save significant money in a tax-free childcare account, so we encourage parents to look into this. It is important to note that, while you can use tax-free childcare alongside the 30-hours offer (or 15 hour offer), you can’t use it at the same time as Childcare vouchers, Universal Credit or Tax credits.

Childcare vouchers

Childcare Vouchers typically operate through salary sacrifice. A salary sacrifice arrangement is an agreement by an employer to reduce an employee’s cash pay, usually in return for a non-cash benefit. Under the Childcare Voucher scheme employees may ‘sacrifice’ part of their pay in exchange for Childcare Vouchers. Wise Owls Childcare accepts all childcare vouchers.