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8 weeks – 2 years

Our under 2s will either be in our Owlets room or our Elf Owls room.

Owlets is set on the upstairs floor and Elf Owls is downstairs adjoining our toddler room.  Across these two rooms, we can care for up to 30 babies aged between 8 weeks and 2 years. We have a staff:child ratio of 1:3 ensuring that your child has the attention they need throughout the day to grow in line with their age and stage of development. Our Owlets have a delightful roof terrace with sweeping views of the local farmland where they can watch the world go by, spotting cars and horses while enjoying time outdoors.  Our Elf Owls have a dedicated outdoor play space equipped with age appropriate resources to help build their physical strength and their gross motor skills, and they have a popular slide and climbing frame indoors.

These spaces are designed to nurture our youngest children and allow them to freely explore and discover, with activities intended to engage and excite babies, such as sensory play, messy play, books, rattles, treasure baskets, pull along toys and interactive wall activities.

With beautiful farmland on our doorstep, children also get to explore their natural surroundings and visit their friendly equine neighbours from time to time – the horses in the neighbouring paddock.

Monitoring your child’s development

Our early years practitioners ensure all children are meeting their personal developmental goals and achieving the highest standard of learning available in accordance with the seven areas of learning and the Wise Owls Curriculum. Every child has a key person who develops an in-depth understanding of their key children; their interests, their ability and their ongoing development. Staff will provide verbal feedback to parents at the end of the day. We foster an open and cooperative relationship with parents to ensure we can nurture the needs of each and every child. Learning and development milestones are recorded on our digital app.

Sensory & Creative Play

In our baby rooms, various sensory and creative activities aid in fine motor skills, language acquisition, and overall child development. Daily sensory and physical activities enhance visual, auditory, tactile processing, and motor skills. Our dedicated sensory room creates a calming environment for self-regulation and creativity. Activities like singing, music, and messy play promote creativity and communication skills in a safe and nurturing space – where children can experiment and try new things.

Meals & Nutrition

We believe good nutrition is essential to the healthy growth and development of children. We encourage, and at times, inspire children to try a variety of food they may not have tried before. At meal times we have low chairs, so children are able to sit and enjoy their food with their friends while staff sit with them and support them with feeding. We provide Aptamil formula milk for babies still requiring a milk feed. Meal times provide an opportunity for developing other healthy habits too, including table manners, independence, and the art of conversation.


Sleep is fundamental to growth so here in the baby room we have a dedicated sleep room that is monitored at all times with routine sleep checks. Depending on their age and stage of development, each child has either a cot with their own sheets and blankets or a sleep mat with sheets and blankets, both creating a familiar and cosy place for them to rest after a busy morning or afternoon of play.

A typical day in our baby rooms

A typical day in our baby rooms are a gentle blend of care, learning, and physical development,  where each activity is thoughtfully designed to support their development while ensuring they feel safe, loved, and understood.


We serve breakfast (a variety of cereal) between 7:30 and 8:15

Morning routine

Following on from breakfast the children have time for some free play; independently choosing their activities from what is available to them. We set up a range of activities including sensory activities using material such as play dough, cornflour, shaving foam etc. We have themed tuff trays, painting, reading and role play available. We also have mark making tools out at all times for the children to develop their fine motor skills. During this time, we will read stories and sing big actions songs as directed by the childrens’ interests.

We routinely change nappies at 9.30am but nappies also get checked regularly through the day and changed as and when needed. We provide all nappies and make our own wipes.

Snack time

A rolling snack is offered between 9:30 and 10:00am. After snack we will spend time outdoors, either playing in the garden or going on a walk around the farm.

Lunch time

Lunch time is at 11:30 where the children are offered a hot meal that can be adapted for any allergies, intolerances or personal preferences.

Afternoon routine

All children sleep after lunch, either in the cot room for younger children or on sleep mats in the bigger rooms for children who are older.

After sleep time, children have further opportunities to explore a variety of activities provided by the staff as well as exploring the toys provided on the children’s level around the room.

Tea time

Tea is served at 3:30 and consists of meals (such as sandwiches or soup) as well as a variety of fruit or yoghurt for pudding.

After tea the children will learn through play, following their interests both indoors and outdoors, The staff set up a variety of activities to ensure children are accessing all areas of the EYFS curriculum. Staff will frequently interact with all children to enhance their learning by supporting and extending their understanding and knowledge, as well as their language and communication skills.