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One of the benefits of our nursery is that children have access to most areas of the nursery throughout the day and have the opportunity to enjoy the company of children of different ages; learning to socialise, share, take care of others and find their own voice. Our cosy spaces instantly put children at ease, giving them a familiar and welcoming place to spend their day. The calm and friendly atmosphere gives children the confidence to be creative, express their emotions and explore their surroundings.

The nursery is equipped with top-quality resources across all three age-appropriate rooms and we provide a safe and caring environment where children can enjoy crafts, role-play, reading corners, sensory play, phonics, and small group activities. Find out more about each room and our daily routine below.

Owlets (Babies)

In our baby room, we can accommodate nine babies between the age of 8 weeks – 2 years old. We have an excellent staff:child ratio of 1:3 ensuring that your child has the attention they need throughout the day. Here your baby will be able to take part in activities designed to help his or her development through play, ranging from books, rattles, our baby gym, treasure baskets, pull along toys and interactive wall activities. We take the babies in pushchairs and go for a walk around the nature park on a daily basis.

Little Owls (Toddlers)

In our toddler room, we can accommodate 16 children between the age of 2 and 3 years old and we have an excellent staff:child ratio of 1:4 ensuring that planned activities are designed to stimulate your child’s imagination and love of learning throughout the day. Our Little Owls have an adventurous two-storey climbing castle that they love playing in. There is a quiet cosy area with cushions for story time and outside children have access to our garden where we provide a variety of activities including sand and water play. Group time activities help our Little Owls to develop important life skills including patience, cooperation, sharing and communication. We go for daily walks in the neighbouring nature park come rain or shine giving children the chance to explore nature.

Snowy Owls (Preschool)

Our Snowy Owls room can accommodate 16 children between the age of 3 and 5 years old and our staff:child ratio is 1 to 8 in this room as children are becoming more independent. Children at this age follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Principles and participate in activities that will gently prepare them for the transition to school. Our team maintains a flexible routine to allow them to meet each child’s individual needs during this important stage of development. Our Snowy Owls room is next to our garden and we encourage children to move freely between our indoor and outdoor space. We aim to provide many different opportunities for the children to develop and experience the outdoor environment.