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At Wise Owls, we know that good nutrition is essential to the healthy growth and development of children and every day we can see the positive impact a healthy and nutritious meal can have.  We encourage, and at times, inspire children to try a variety of food they may not have tried before.  We find that children are always willing to try food when their friends also give it a shot.  Below are a couple examples of our menus at our day nurseries and clubs ensuring that children are receiving a healthy, balanced diet while being given the opportunity to explore new foods and flavours. You will need to provide your child’s dietary requirements upon registration and ensure you keep this information up to date.

In line with the EYFS framework for good nutrition, we aim to ensure children receive food and drink that is balanced across the day with meals and snacks consisting of a good variety of different foods. The Children’s Food Trust states that to make sure children get a good balance of nutrients, their meals and snacks when aged one to five, should be based on a range of foods from these four food groups:

  1. Starchy foods
  2. Fruit and vegetables
  3. Meat, fish, eggs, beans
  4. Milk and dairy

Take a look at our sample menus for our holiday club,

after school clubs and day nurseries.