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Breakfast & After School Club Fees

Breakfast Club fees include breakfast, sport and craft activities and quality childcare. After School Club fees include exceptional care, homework support, a snack and a healthy evening meal, sport and craft activities until 6:15pm.

Can I pay monthly?

We invoice for each half term rather than monthly, and ask that all customers pay the exact amount on the invoice. If you would like to pay this in instalments, you can request this by contacting We do not recommend paying a monthly fixed amount, as this can cause confusion as to what credit / debit is on your account. If you use childcare vouchers, you can pay monthly into your voucher account, then on receipt of an invoice you can authorise the payment to us for the exact amount due.

Do you accept childcare vouchers / Tax-Free Childcare?

Yes, we accept most childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare. We can provide reference numbers for several, so please contact the office and let us know which company you are using. You will also need our Ofsted number. For Oldfield After School Club use EY492269, for Courthouse After School Club and Breakfast Club use EY416753, for Furze Platt After School Club use EY496172, and for the Highfield Holiday Club use EY291729. We need a copy of your remittance stating that you have paid via voucher or set up a voucher for the amount due. We need this within 2 days of your booking.

Do I pay for bank holidays/inset days/sick days?

Yes, we charge for inset days and bank holidays where they fall in our term dates. We also charge for sick days as in our terms and conditions, as we provided a place for your child according to your booking, and need to meet the costs incurred.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

We do not offer a sibling discount for our clubs. Instead, we aim to keep a fair price for each place.

Do I need to leave a deposit?

For permanent After School and Breakfast Club bookings a deposit and joining fee is payable by credit/debit card at the time of making the booking. If you request a place and we are unable to accommodate that request, you will receive a full refund. If a place is available, we will confirm it by email. Should you then cancel the booking, we require 6 weeks notice in writing and we will refund your deposit as per our terms and conditions. Please note, your booking is NOT confirmed until you have received confirmation.