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Encouraging Independence

You know better than anyone that encouraging your child to be independent can sometimes lead to them defying you just to assert their newfound power. However, when done correctly, it can be incredibly beneficial. By fostering critical thinking, positive learning dispositions, tenacity, and confidence, nursery sets children up for success in life. At nursery, we

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A whole new perspective

This month, we are emphasising the importance of Communication and Language as one of the seven key learning areas of the EYFS. Speech, language, and communication are fundamental areas of development for children, playing a significant role throughout their lives. These skills allow children to interpret their surroundings, express basic needs and emotions, engage in

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Local Councillors help preschoolers prepare for Spring

Last week, children at Farm View Day Nursery in Spencers Wood got ready for Spring with help from Shinfield and Spencers Wood Councillors, Jackie Rance and Stuart Mason.Owned by Wise Owls Childcare, the nursery is tucked away in the peaceful and picturesque countryside of Spencers Wood, and provides a spacious nursery where children are able

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