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Our WISE programme stands for Wise Owls Initiative to Sustain the Environment and reflects our commitment to cultivating a love for nature and sustainability. Through our green initiatives, we aim to provide enriching experiences that foster a sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world. Through engaging outdoor activities and hands-on learning opportunities, we encourage children to explore, discover, and connect with their surroundings. By immersing themselves in the beauty of the outdoors, they not only enhance their knowledge but also develop a deep respect for the environment. We are continuously looking for ways to embed sustainable methods into our every practice.

Some of the ways we are sustaining the environment through eco initiatives include:

All of our waste is separated into recycling or energy including EFW (Energy from General Waste), AD (Anaerobic Digestion food waste) and Recycling waste.

We use PHS Group to dispose of all soiled nappies and sanitary towels.

Our old uniforms are sent on to textile waste for reuse

We source second hand equipment where we possible and we aim to use as many natural products for art and craft as possible.

We buy paint powder which more natural and doesn’t come in plastic bottles.

We use recycled paper and accept donations of recycled paper from parents and local businesses.

We use eco natural material gloves

We use H2o cleaner for cleaning

We use organic toilet and floor cleaner

We use biodegradable glitter

We think before we print and limit printing at all sites

We migrated to an online app for child development records and parent communications instead of using paper

We use SharePoint to limit the amount of printing required and send emails and electronic documents instead of post.

Our clubs outings are all local and visited on foot or by public transport.

We carefully plan our menus to reduce food waste.

We encourage our staff to make packed lunches to reduce waste where possible and to avoid single use plastic.

We encourage staff to upcycle paper for notes.