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Dropping off & collecting your child

The start and the end of the day can be a very busy time at our nursery as many parents/carers arrive at the same time to drop their child off and pick them up. If you would like to speak to our nursery manager or your child’s key worker, please email the nursery to make an appointment.

Going to be late?

Children must be collected by the end of the booked session. If you are going to be late please notify the nursery of your expected pick up time. There is an additional late fee of £5.00 per 15 minutes per child.

Drive with care

The car park at Foxley Day Nursery is strictly for staff only. Please do not park in the car park or block Manor Drive while collecting your child. There is street-side parking available on The St. near the Shurlock Inn, which is only a short walk to the nursery. Please take care crossing the road and walking down Manor Drive.

My child is having trouble saying goodbye

Remember separation anxiety is very common and can peak at about six months to three-years-olds. Be assured that it is a normal part of development and most children grow out of it. Here are a few tips on making the transition easier for your child.

  • Make sure you are organised and leave yourself plenty of time to get to nursery. If your child is old enough, talk to them about what they might need to take with them. Read stories about going to nursery so that they can build a narrative for themselves and ask questions.
  • Create a routine for leaving the house and arriving at nursery. Follow it consistently and calmly. Play the same music or sound in the car on the journey and follow the same routine when arriving. This will help your child feel calm and able to predict what is going to happen.
  • Create a simple good-bye ritual that you do consistently every day and keep the drop-off quick. Be prepared for tears! If you have to leave your child upset, make sure you have told your child’s key worker how best to comfort them.
  • Remember that you are the role model to your child so try to appear calm and matter of fact. It is common and perfectly normal to feel guilty and anxious but try not to convey that to your child.
  • Do not make a big fuss about the difficult drop off with your child afterwards.
  • Remember, once you have gone, all children settle in and enjoy their day playing with friends and they are in very good hands!