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Childcare Funding Re – Declaration Form

To complete this form you will need to be the parent or carer that applied for the funding code with HMRC.

You will also need the following  :

Your funding award code / letter from the borough (if Applicable)  

Please state the funding period this applies to
Has your child's age category changed?
Is your child attending the same days as the last funding period?

I Confirm that the information I have provided above is accurate and true. I understand and agree to the conditions set out in this document and I authorise Wise Owls Childcare to claim Early Education Funding as agreed on behalf of my child. In addition, I also agree that the information I have provided can be shared with the Local Authority and Department for Education, who will access information from other government departments to confirm my child’s eligibility and enable this provider to claim Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) or Disability Access Fund (DAF) on behalf of my child.

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