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Awe & Wonder

At Wise Owls, our early years practitioners ensure all children are meeting their personal developmental goals, and achieving the highest standard of learning available. Every key person develops an in-depth understanding of their key children; their interests, their ability and their ongoing development, as well as upholding a positive relationship with both child and parent/carer.

Our curriculum document outlines the aims, intent and learning goals of Wise Owls Childcare’s curriculum. Wise Owls Childcare equips all practitioners with the necessary training and resources to deliver this curriculum and provide the best possible outcomes for the children in our care and their families. The Wise Owls Childcare curriculum is designed to meet the needs of children aged 8 weeks – 5 years and covers all seven areas of learning as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS).

Our early years practitioners take immense pride in providing personalised attention to each child, ensuring that they meet their developmental milestones and achieve their full potential though thoughtful and intentional planning. Our curriculum document outlines what we want children to learn in their time with Wise Owls Childcare. It shares our curriculum aims, our intent and how all seven areas of learning are met in our every day planning and activities, with a particular focus on how we promote these through outdoor learning.

Wise Owls Childcare practitioners will use this framework to plan their daily activities and monitor every child’s progress against the EYFS framework following a play-based approach.