Welcome to our baby room – where play is serious learning for our little Owlets

The baby room is in a bright and cosy terrapin-like building where we care for babies aged between 8 weeks to 2 years. We have a staff:child ratio of 1:3 ensuring that your child has the attention they need throughout the day.

Here in owlets your baby will be able to take part in activities designed to help his or her development through play, ranging from books, rattles, our baby gym, treasure baskets, pull along toys and interactive wall activities.

The staff keep to a flexible routine and aim to let the child's individual needs dictate the activities, whilst crafting opportunities that will prepare them mentally and physically to move up to the Little Owls room.

Sensory Play

Here in Owlets there are a wide range of sensory play opportunities that encourage the development of fine motor skills and support language development. The staff plan a variety of sensory and physical activities, including painting, books, rattles, Duplo, baby gym, and treasure baskets that help in all areas of the children's development and support them to learn and meet their milestones.

Creative Space

The nursery has an art area where children can get creative with arts and crafts. Our Owlets will enjoy singing, music time and stories to enrich their creativity and communication skills.

There is a messy play area where moments of great creative discovery can take place.

Above all, the baby room environment will provide a nurturing, familiar and homely space – a home away from home.


Sleep is fundamental to growth so here in the baby room we have a dedicated sleep room that is monitored at all times, where each child has a cot with their own sheets and blankets to create a familiar and cosy nook for them to rest after a busy morning or afternoon of play.

Meal Times

At meal times we have low chairs, so children are able to sit and enjoy their food with their friends while staff sit with them and support them with feeding. We have highchairs for the younger babies. We provide Aptamil formula milk for babies still requiring a milk feed.

What is Provided?

Included within your daily childcare fee is breakfast, snacks, lunch, tea and nappies. We ask parents to provide a change of clothes, bottles (if required) and comforters.

Getting to know your child

When babies join our Owlets room, we ask parents to provide us with some background information to help us better understand your child’s needs, for example we would like to know about your child’s likes and dislikes, routines that are important to your child and to you, and their comforts. We endeavour to follow every baby’s routine when they start with us.

Child development

Each baby will be assigned a key worker who they can build a strong bond with. Key workers will provide written and verbal feedback daily on their child’s day including meals, sleeps and nappies. We record information about each child’s development in their EYFS file which will be carried with them as they progress from nursery to school, and will lastly be given to you as a lovely keepsake of their early years education.

My daughter has been going to Wise Owls Day Nursery at Abingdon nearly a year now. We are so happy with the care and support that she gets. She has learnt a lot since being there and her social skills are incredible! She is always happy and has a lovely relationship with the staff that work there. The communication between staff and parents is great, we always get feedback at the end of the day and the staff are always so positive and welcoming.

We are very pleased with Wise Owls Nursery. Our daughter is so happy going in each day and seems to do so much in a short space of time. The staff are passionate, diligent and knowledgeable. As parents, we feel our daughter is being very well looked after. She has made lovely friends and is thriving. In the context of COVID-19, we feel very at ease with the precautions and procedures in place

My son has attended the nursery since he was 8 months old, he is now in pre-school and will be attending his first year at big school in September. I cannot recommend the team at Wise Owls Abingdon enough. They have brought my son to life. He is so happy to trot off into his class every morning and see all his friends. The team haven't just helped with my son's early education, they have been the biggest help and support for me and my husband as parents. Thank you for being the best and we will miss you, come September.

I couldn't be happier with Wise Owls as a nursery. We have been with them for the last 4.5 years and they have changed a lot over this time and only got better. Our daughter was particularly clingy and had bad separation anxiety. The staff always put us at ease and helped her to settle, which was really important to us as first-time parents. She is now at school and often talks about how much she misses nursery. My son still attends Wise Owls and is the polar opposite of his sister. They have done a fantastic job of helping him to potty train recently, in no time at all. He loves nursery and runs in every morning without looking back. All the staff are fantastic but a particularly big shout out to two members of staff, in particular, who have been with us from near the start - they are superstars. Thank you to all the staff at Wise Owls for doing such a good job at looking after our babies for us and filling their days with fun.

Both our children go here full-time, 5 days a week. We're really happy. It's a lovely nursery in a lovely setting. The scale of the nursery is what first attracted us - it's smaller and a more intimate than how I imagine other local nurseries must be. Also, less of a corporate feel than Milton Park. Everyone really does know everyone else, like a little community. The staff are fantastic, I couldn't speak more highly of them all. Our kids talk about them all the time at home, and obviously feel very safe and happy at nursery. The staff are brilliant at talking to us about our childrens' needs, how their day was, ideas for their development, etc. This nursery has given our kids wonderful friends, brilliant experiences, aided their development and social skills, and helped ready our eldest for school. She's only just turned 4 and she's reading full sentences!